What are Kubota Garden Tractors ?

Kubota make a wide range of tractors specifically for residential and smallholding use that they refer to as Kubota garden tractors, or Kubota lawn tractors.

These types of tractors are also sometimes known as Kubota lawnmowers and Kubota ride on mowers. They come with a variety of different engine sizes and specifications, and a wide range of different models.

Kubota also make a range of garden tractors known as zero turn tractors or zero turn mowers.The main difference with a Kubota zero turn mower or Kubota zero turn tractor is essentially that they have two levers that control the steering as opposed to a single steering wheel.

This allows a considerable amount of manoeuvrability around tight areas of land, and allows the Kubota garden tractor to cut and mow land much more effectively in tight areas, rather than a traditional Kubota tractor.

Some Kubota garden tractors have a technology called glide steer, which is a technology unique to Kubota.

It allows more traditional Kubota garden tractors to manoeuvre tight areas of land and areas of land that are difficult to mow much more effectively.

Kubota Garden Tractors – Safety

Kubota garden tractors come with a traditional Kubota engine, with varying sizes of horsepower depending on which Kubota model of Kubota garden tractor you buy. Kubota garden tractors come with a new HST transmission, which allows you to control the Kubota garden tractor with a single pedal on the floor of the tractor, which makes it much easier to control.

Kubota garden tractors also come with hydrostatic power steering, which is an important feature of any piece of agricultural or industrial machinery. This is not simply about operator comfort, although that is important, but it is about safety in terms of reducing driver or operative fatigue.

Driving a Kubota garden tractor can be hard work, not simply in terms of the physical use of the machine, but also in terms of manoeuvring a lot of different types and terrain differentials of land.

Kubota garden tractors will have different sizes of mower decks, but whichever model of Kubota you buy, they are designed to be easy to raise and lower, depending on the type of land that the Kubota garden tractor is being used on.

It is also possible to buy a mulching kit, that is an option on a number of Kubota garden tractors.It is also possible to buy a catchall grass catcher as an optional extra.

This grass catcher sits behind the driving seat of the Kubota garden tractor, and allows you to collect a significant amount of grass in it before you have to stop mowing.

The operative area of the Kubota garden tractor has been designed to provide maximum comfort and safety for whoever will be driving it.

There is a significant amount of legroom available, as well as a number of design features such as a hydraulic mower lift lever, an easy reach cutting height adjustment dial, a comfortable height back seat and cruise control as an optional extra on some models.

Kubota Garden Tractors Р Zero Turn

All the driving information and levers that are needed on a Kubota garden tractor are designed to be easily used and accessible without any real strain on the operative. This is important when the tractor is being used for a significant period of time, as is likely to be the case with a Kubota garden tractor.

Kubota garden tractors can also be what are known as a zero turn tractor.A Kubota garden tractor that is also a zero turn tractor will have two operation levers instead of one single steering wheel.

The operator will control each lever with one hand, and can move them backwards and forwards. This effectively allows the operator of the Kubota garden tractor to manoeuvre much more easily around tight areas of land such as trees, flower beds or any piece of land that is difficult to access in a safe and easy manner.

Kubota Garden Tractors – Kubota BX series

Kubota make a wide range of tractors that can be used for a variety of different work.

The term compact tractor tends to refer to tractors that are used for a number of applications that could be considered smaller non-agricultural or industrial work. This normally refers to using the tractor for a lawn or garden, for like material handling, or for towing of other small vehicles.

Kubota compact tractors can also be used very effectively for grounds maintenance, for gardening or small plot of land landscaping, for various types of large or semi large vegetable gardens, and the various types of home and commercial use.

The Kubota BX series consists of three main types of estate tractor that are used in various types of smallholding work. But Kubota BX 1860, the Kubota BX 2360 and the Kubota BX 2660. Always three Kubota tractors are what would be termed Kubota compact tractors and range in engine size from 18 hp through to 25 1/2 hp.

The Kubota BX 1861, 18 hp Kubota diesel engine, is two range HST, is either two wheel drive or four-wheel-drive, and has a category one three-point hitch. All Kubota tractors run on their own Kubota diesel engines, and these have a distinct advantage over gasoline engines.

There are two main advantages. The first is that diesel engines, especially Kubota diesel engines offer greatly increased torque over gasoline engines and give the tractor a much greater pulling power.

This is especially important when looking at compact tractors, because often they usage means that you need relatively quick bursts of power to go round organ pieces of land or up or down slopes or hills.

Kubota Garden Tractors – ZG Series

The other advantage of a diesel engine, is that according to Kubota they used typically between 20 and 30% less fuel than a similar gasoline engine. Apart from the obvious financial advantage, and other advantage is that the fuel does not have to be replaced if the tractor has been stored for a long time and not used.

This is particularly common with compact tractors which tend to be used either winter or summer and and often exclusively only five a winter or summer. They are sometimes used for winter clearance of snow another garden hazards, or they are used in the summer four different types of smallholding or small agricultural work.

The Kubota BX 1860 has an 18 hp diesel engine. This tractor also features four-wheel-drive which gives it added strength and traction which is essential when dealing with any type of frontloading work or for when using other specific attachments or implements. BX range also have quarter inching valves.

This means there are increments of one quarter of an inch at the lower link end which allows for a much greater degree of being able to control any implements that are being used on the tractor. Often using various implements mean a degree of sophistication and delicate work that being able to use a quarter inch valve makes much easier.

Another feature of all the Kubota BX series tractors is the attention to detail that has been paid to the practical side of using these tractors for a small farm or small agricultural or landholdings work.

These tractors have been fitted with extremely effective halogen headlights, which are a way removed from lights that tractors of old used to have. The reason for this is fairly self evident that these tractors tend to be used often at very early in the morning or very late at night when the light is either coming or going.

This means that it is a time of day when it is easier to miss things, why have accidents or not do the job as efficiently as you would like to. Good headlights allow a fastly improved and safer working environment.

The Kubota BX series also have standard front four position valves. This is another piece of attention to detail that Kubota have made with all air tractors, which allow the driver or operator to attach frontloading and other front mounted implements safely and easily to the tractor.

This is the sort of thing that make driving these tractors much safer and much easier than a lot of others. Kubota have even gone to the trouble of colour coding the levers to ensure that they are easier to see and make sense of.

The Kubota BX series radiators have what is called a reverse air flow system of cooling. What this in effect means is that air is taken from underneath the operator drivers area, i.e.

Of the tractor and is put forward towards the front of the tractor and expelled from the tractor underneath the hood.

This has the dual effect of reducing the chance of overheating in the tractors engine, and also means that the operators cab is considerably cooler than it would be otherwise.

Kubota have also put a lot of work into designing the cab area of the tractor. This is the area where the operator or driver will spend often a considerable amount of time and much detail has been looked at and make comfortable.

There is a high back and reclining seat area designed for maximum comfort for the operator. There is hydrostatic power steering which makes the tractor considerably easier to use and steer. There is an optional extra to have cruise control fitted on the tractor.

Some people find this an attractive option, other people feel that cruise control can sometimes be a bit dangerous because it automates function of the driver having to be aware of what speed he is doing in the tractor.

With the low level of speeds of these tractors can achieve in comparison to a car, cruise control its probably going to be safe enough for most people, and a significant benefit to others.

There is also the obligatory hand rail which allows the operator to climb up and climb down from the tractor with a greater degree of safety, there is a very thoughtfully designed cupholder to allow for the morning caffeine intake, and there is a very clear and simple instrument panel that gives the driver or operator of the tractor a lots of valuable information in a very easy to read manner.